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    About you

    Name Jake

    Age: 23

    Location: England

    BTag: Flaffy#2318

    Gender: Male

    Rate your English (1-10):10

    Any other languages spoken fluently: N/A

    Will anything in your life routinely interfere with your ability to make our 3 raids a week: Nope

    Anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself:

    In-game history

    Around about when did you start playing (Expansion and tier): I originally started playing in classic but as that was around 11-12 years ago now I was quite young and had no idea what I was doing. So I'd say about the start of WotLK (tier7)

    When did you start raiding current, progressive content (instance is sufficient): I haven't done a lot of current raids as i've only just returned to WoW after a long break during WoD, currently progressing ToS since the first week and have managed to pug 7/9 HC (Avatar instead of Maiden)

    Give us a brief rundown of the bosses have you killed while they were current tier (we're trying to gauge your raiding pedigree; "killed twin emps during vanilla" is useful information, "cleared AQ40 during wrath" is not): 6/7 Mythic Highmaul (pre BRF release) 6/10 Mythic BRF (guild disbanded due to lack of new recruits) 12/12 Mythic HFC (before taking a break from the game)

    Some other minor cataclysm bosses on early release but nothing note worthy.

    Tell us about your past guilds, where you raided with them and why you left them (we may check up, so be honest): Local Talent (Al'akir) Guild unfortunately ended up stop raiding due to lack of recruits and burnout during WoD.

    Virus(Stormreaver) took a break from raiding and WoW in general. A lot of my alts are still in that guild.

    Other than that all of my heroic progress has come from PuGs so far.

    How many hours non-raiding time would you estimate you play per week: Far too many, something like 40-50.

    About your (main) character

    Before submitting, please make sure that your armoury profile is displaying PvE gear, that your gear is fully in order and that you're showing off your character at their best. Applying with a sub-standard spec, missing, inappropriate or low-level enchants, gems, glyphs etc. will not be looked upon kindly.

    Name: Celexchickan

    Class: Druid

    Character's /played: 22 Days total, 17 Days at max level (It's an alt I used to get the Herald of the Titans achievement and had been sitting around at 80 so when I came back to WoW I wanted to play druid this was the perfect character to pickup)

    Server (if making an x-realm application): Dragonmaw (connected realm)

    Armoury link: (But I do swap trinkets depending on fights so they wont always show the correct ones in the profile)

    UI screenshot (preferably in a raid group and with binds apparent): is the raid UI I use as a dps, I prefer the simple UI to an overly complex one with too many flashy lights and noises.

    Addons used: DBM, WeakAuras, Raid loot addons such as RCouncil/EPGP and Skada for detailed fight analysis.

    Specs (give us details on the spec you're applying as, the specs you use, especially if different to those displayed on your armoury profile during the application process. In addition, give us any other pertinent information, what you feel you are capable of raiding on etc) *NB The ability to play more than one spec to a raiding level will earn you bonus points. We value adaptable people highly*: Boomkin is my main spec which obviously has multiple talent options specifically in the final three trees depending on the fight and the legendaries used. But I am working towards a decently geared Guardian spec with 43 traits on the weapon and 2 decent trinkets which i'm learning to play quite well on the many mage tower attempts.

    I've also healed at a high level before (Warcraftlogs link available but the rankings are currently disabled due to high site traffic).

    Race (indicate how attached you are to it i.e., would you change it for min-maxing purposes): I'm currently the best horde race for dps as a balance druid, the troll racial is in all ways superior to war stomp and our passive bonuses (Regen and reduced slow) can also be useful in certain scenarios, however if for instance the guild where to move alliance I would have no issue playing a different race.

    How would you rate your class knowledge (do you min-max, use tools like rawr, tell us why you're great at playing what you play):

    I would say I rate about an 8/10 knowledge wise as a balance druid, I know the ins and outs of the class and what utility we can be used for as well as the best way to maximise my dps. I use multiple weak auras to keep me ontop of my Empowerment effects and dot timers on multiple mob fights, as well as Starfall duration timers. I min max gear and talents for each fight depending on how it's going to play out, commonly swapping trinkets between ST and MT fights and trading in/out items kept in my bag to maintain certain stat points.

    I spend a lot of time in the Druid discord channel reading from other more experienced moonkins and looking at the charts and spreadsheets to understand what sort of items I need to be focusing on to increase my overall dps and performance.

    About your alts

    We're only really interested in characters capable of raiding up to progression with us. We're not interested in characters on other realms you won't be moving, your blue-geared tank, or L37 shaman.

    As of writing this I dont have any other max characters, as i've only just come back to the game, however aside from gearing/progressing on my main character I am also working on leveling a rogue and a paladin. I have good experience as a holy paladin and would very much like to get back in to healing for a guild but that will just be a side project until I have enough Artifact Power and Item level.

    The rogue I have no real plans for but am going to level/gear as well alongside my Paladin.

    Setup information

    Tell us about your computer spec (specifics are preferred, but if you're not too good on the technical stuff, being general is sufficient; "a 2 year old Dell" or "a glorified toaster which can't handle projected textures" for example): A brand new PC (picked out the specific parts and had it prebuilt for me) is the link to the PC parts and for the specs.

    How is your FPS while in a raid: high 50-60's in a 20man raid, no frame drops on almost entirely ultra settings, can lower if a certain bossfight is giving me issues (sisters of the moon)

    Tell us about your Internet connection (speed, usual raiding latency, ISP, any disconnection issues): The current internet is not impressive at all download and upload wise but I rarely lag in raids. However I have ordered a new router and internet service provider with far better speeds (new broadband is arriving 7th July)

    Run a speed and latency test to Frankfurt, Germany here and post the image. Frankfurt is here for the geographically challenged: (As I said not impressive in the slightest but new internet is arriving at some point in the next day or so, I will happily post a new image once it's all set up.

    Do you have a microphone: Yes.

    Do you have teamspeak 3 (do yourself a favour, download and install it then answer "yes"): Yes and yes in the future.

    Are you actually willing to speak (we're not asking for existential debate, just the ability to issue simple statements during raid encounters to the tune of "I'm taking x next". Essentially, now would be the time to tell us if you're a mute, cripplingly shy or similar): No problem with speaking will have it on push to talk throughout.

    Final stretch

    Are you absolutely certain you enjoy the class and spec you're applying as? (We aren't looking to recruit people who're applying with something they don't much enjoy because we're recruiting it, deep down want to be playing something else).

    I'm really enjoying moonkin and even better i'm really enjoying doing WELL as moonkin with moderate to high parses on most fight for my current Item level (907-909 & 910-912).

    Finishing the mage challenge as a moonkin was one of the more rewarding and pleasing things i've achieved in WoW. Just need to finish that bear one now for the gorlla bear.

    What can we expect from you (sell yourself to us): A patient and relaxed raider who is ready to wipe 200x on a boss just to make progress.

    What do you expect from us: A relaxed but serious atmosphere for raiding with talented players.

    Tell us anything else you think we might be interested in knowing: I run high mythic + (14/15 after the changes to difficulty) as often as I can during the week to get as many chances on upgrades or simply boost my BLP by as much as I can with a decent "team" so if any guildies fancy tagging along i'd definitely be up for that.

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    I actually grouped up with Jake recently. He's a beast. Maybe we should give him a ping in case he still wants to join?