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  • X server application- uh dk

    Name (first will do):harry


    Location (country is sufficient):england

    BTag: fafful#2515


    Rate your English (1-10):10

    Any other languages spoken fluently: hindi

    Will anything in your life routinely interfere with your ability to make our 3 raids a week: no

    In-game history

    Around about when did you start playing - on and off since 2005

    When did you start raiding current, progressive content - since EN release.

    Give us a brief rundown of the bosses have you killed while they were current tier - several mythic kills in HM before the release of BrF (WoD)

    Tell us about your past guilds, where you raided with them and why you left them 'merry graverobbers'- ICC 'dignitas'-cata 'amused to death'-MoP 'toxictryhards' - WoD 'chicken dippers' current guild.

    How many hours non-raiding time would you estimate you play per week: 60 hrs

    About your (main) character

    Name: grommka

    Class: death knight

    Character's /played: 29 days

    Server (if making an x-realm application): the venture co.

    Armoury link:

    UI screenshot (preferably in a raid group and with binds apparent):

    Addons used: dbm. gtfo. bartender. weak auras. RSA, tidy plates.

    Race - i like playing as an orc, the armor sets look great upon it and the blood-fury talent is also great for pve.

    How would you rate your class knowledge - though i have only started playing DK seriously since start of this expansion, i think i have adapted quite well to the new challenge of playing a new class. i regularly scour the icy-veins forums for helpful tips and stat weights and also am on the mmo-champion DK discord. as for min-maxing i have tried to do the best i can with the gold i have, i think my armor profile will show you that i have tried to plug the gaps with crafted gear and ALL of my gear is crit+haste.

    Setup information

    Tell us about your computer spec INTEL CORE i7 cpu-950@ 3.07GHz-12.0GB ram- GTX 770

    How is your FPS while in a raid: 60+

    Tell us about your Internet connection - fibre optic connection

    Run a speed and latency test to Frankfurt, Germany here and post the image. Frankfurt is here for the geographically challenged:

    Do you have a microphone: yes

    Do you have discord - yes

    Are you actually willing to speak - all the time.

    Are you absolutely certain you enjoy the class and spec you're applying as? i have always played melee ever since i started playing wow. i have raided as a warrior and ret, now i would like to continue that tradition with my DK

    What can we expect from you? i am a dedicated raider who will strive to attend any and all raids and bring my best each and everytime. i will not hesitate to go out of my way to help others for the overall good of the guild.

    What do you expect from us: to be given the chance to come to every raid ( provided i pass the trial) and be treated as an equal among the long term members.

    Tell us anything else you think we might be interested in knowing: i raided previously with Merry graverobbers during ICC days when yendis was GM. i happened to join your EN normal run a few days back and was told you were recruiting. i will be happy to transfer servers once i pass the trial or if you start mythic and require me to attend.

    if you have any further question i will be happy to answer them on your discord.