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  • Rajtsú - Arms Warrior

    Name: Osku

    Age: 24

    Location: Finland

    BTag: Rajtsu#2111

    Gender: Male

    Rate your English (1-10): 8-9?

    Any other languages spoken fluently: Finnish and swedish.

    Will anything in your life routinely interfere with your ability to make our 3 raids a week: No.

    Anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself: I'm just a nerd from southern Finland who really likes playing games(Dota 2, path of exile, fighting games and obviously wow). Currently I'm attending a university and still have around 1.5 years left there, depending on how much I slack.

    In-game history

    Around about when did you start playing (Expansion and tier): Vanilla, a few months after the EU launch

    When did you start raiding current, progressive content: Molten Core

    Give us a brief rundown of the bosses have you killed while they were current tier:

    Vanilla: Everything before naxx(which is a miracle, because I was very young and stupid)
    Wotlk: Naxx and ulduar(everything on heroic except alone in the darkness 25-man, this is the highest level I've raided at in wow, our guild was top 150 world during our peak). Also did some ToC, mostly 10-man.
    Mop: SoO hc if it's even worth mentioning.
    Legion: Done 7/7 normal & 1/7 HC EN with my friends guild on a different realm, because I have no real guild at the moment.

    Tell us about your past guilds, where you raided with them and why you left them:

    I played and raided with pretty much the same guild from vanilla to wotlk(didn't raid in tbc though). The name and a few members changed multiple times, but during its peak it was called <EAT MORE CAKE>. The guild sadly died after ulduar and so did my motivation to raid. Soon after that I had my mandatory military service and after that I've only really played in casual guilds with friends, that usually disbanded after 1-2 months of playing.

    How many hours non-raiding time would you estimate you play per week:

    At the moment probably around 70 hours. I have a very relaxed schedule in uni at the moment(I wish it was like that during legion launch). If there's stuff to do outside of raids and I'm not loaded with schoolwork I will play a lot.

    About your (main) character

    Name: Rajtsú

    Class: Warrior

    Character's /played: Around 10 days. Please don't let this scare you, I think learning the rotations and gimmicks for a class is a very trivial part of playing wow at a high level and I've done it with almost every class at some point. I basically felt like playing a new class in Legion, that's why the played time is low. Only leveled to 80~ in WoD and then used the boost that came with Legion. My total for all characters is around 500 days.

    Armoury link: bop

    UI screenshot: bop (couldn't find a raid at this moment, but I do have raid frames visible on the left side of my screen when I'm in a raid)

    Addons used: dbm, weakauras, skada and some other addons that have nothing to do with raiding.

    Specs: I'm applying as arms, because that's what I've spent my AP on. I am very comfortable with playing and learning the 2 other warrior specs fully, however for now I still need to focus on the arms artifact weapon for at least 1.5 more levels, because I started legion later than most people and getting 20 artifact levels for that sweet focus in battle trait is a decent dps upgrade. After that I'll be focusing more on my offspec artifacts. I've tanked a few mythic and mythic+ dungeons with my level 1 prot artifact though.

    Race: Orc. I'm a poor student so changing my race is kinda stupid, however I still do it sometimes when I get really bored of my character. Orc is a very good race for dps warriors anyway.

    How would you rate your class knowledge: Even though I started playing this class in Legion, I think my class knowledge is very solid(at least for arms). I frequently read the warrior mmo-champ forums and warrior discord. Sometimes I even play around with simcraft myself. For me knowing the class I'm currently playing in and out is just a natural way of playing the game.

    Setup information

    Tell us about your computer spec: Gtx 970 gpu, i5 3570k cpu, 8gb of ram.

    How is your FPS while in a raid: 60+

    Tell us about your Internet connection: 100/10, around 55ms normally. I think during the 2.5 years I've had this connection, its been down maybe once or twice.

    Run a speed and latency test to Frankfurt, Germany: bop

    Do you have a microphone: Yes

    Do you have teamspeak 3: Yes

    Are you actually willing to speak: Yes

    Final stretch

    Are you absolutely certain you enjoy the class and spec you're applying as? Yes

    What can we expect from you: I am a very dedicated raider. I will always be prepared for raids. I hate slacking and I will always have flasks/pots/food, unless something very serious happens like a car accident and I don't have time to visit the AH before I get summoned to the raid while playing from the hospital with a laptop. I also try to maximize my character outside of raids, aka doing mythic+ runs and crafted gear. I am NOT someone who shows up for a raid and before the first pull starts asking for a flask and after the first drop says "guys that's an 80 ilvl upgrade for me can I have it????".

    What do you expect from us:

    A chill guild with players who take raiding seriously but not too seriously.

    Tell us anything else you think we might be interested in knowing:

    Like I probably mentioned somewhere before, I started legion 2 weeks later than others because of real life stuff. I basically made the choice to delay my legion adventures so I don't fuck up my life(everything is sorted now and I'm free to blast wow 8-16 hours a day), which I now realize was a huge mistake seeing how artifact power works. This basically means that currently my offspecs are not what they should be, but my main spec has catched up nicely. I also have a nice group of friends to do mythics and mythic+ runs with, so I'll be gearing up there even more.

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