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    Name Daniel

    Age: 19, 20 in November

    Location South western part of Sweden

    BTag: MuffinVendor#2727

    Gender: male

    Rate your English (1-10): 9

    Any other languages spoken fluently: I speak Swedish and English equally well.

    Will anything in your life routinely interfere with your ability to make our 3 raids a week: No

    Anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself: Despite being 19 soon 20, I feel very mature and definitely

    In-game history

    Around about when did you start playing I started playing WoW in Vanilla.

    When did you start raiding current, progressive content: I started raiding in TBC

    Give us a brief rundown of the bosses have you killed while they were current tier I did 6/12 ICC 25m normal in current tier, 4/8 HC Dragon Soul (As a shadow priest), Took a break in MoP but I killed normal Garrosh for curve, aswell as HC Garrosh for Heirlooms. Cleared 6/7 Mythic HM and 4/10 Mythic BRF and I quit to HFC and got Curve.

    Tell us about your past guilds, where you raided with them and why you left them I was pugging up until WoD cause my guild, CSI Thunder Bluff is super casual and I've stuck with them since I haven't found any other better guilds, up until WoD where I joined "Det Behövs Ny Patch Irl" who changed name to Elysian Field during BRF times. Unfortunately that guild disbanded and I rejoined CSI Thunder Bluff to get the perks of being in a guild again.

    How many hours non-raiding time would you estimate you play per week: I would say anything from 45-70hrs a week, all depending on irl even

    About your (main) character

    Before submitting, please make sure that your armoury profile is displaying PvE gear, that your gear is fully in order and that you're showing off your character at their best. Applying with a sub-standard spec, missing, inappropriate or low-level enchants, gems, glyphs etc. will not be looked upon kindly.

    Name: Fågelskådare

    Class: Priest

    Character's /played: 38d 3h total. 8d 9h at lvl 110

    Server Vashj

    Armoury link:

    UI screenshot Gyazo link. I use the blizzard raid frames where the party icons are. Divided in rows of 8 people

    Addons used: DBM, weakauras, Skada, Bartender4, Quartz, Mik's Scrolling Battle Text, Titanpanel, Bagnon and some rare finding addons.

    Specs I play mostly Shadow Priest, and even more so now to get the most of the artifact power. I can change to Holy if needed but with a lot less artifact power stored to the weapon.

    Race Undead, was undead since the beginning and hasn't changed. The racial can come in handy at times.

    How would you rate your class knowledge I would rate my priest knowledge 8-9/10, I always read the Priest forums, aswell as I follow the top shadow priests to see how they play, gear and do against all kinds of bosses.

    About your alts I got a Feral druid at 110 whom I play every now and then aswell, but other than that I keep farming Artifact Power on my main so I have no time for alts.

    Setup information

    Tell us about your computer spec I'm not the most technical guy, I got a 3 year old Acer Predator where I've changed the Harddrive once.

    How is your FPS while in a raid: Steady 60fps, with no lagspikes.

    Tell us about your Internet connection 100/100 fiber, usually stays around 100-120 mb up and down

    Do you have a microphone: Yes of course.

    Do you have teamspeak 3 Yes

    Are you actually willing to speak I am willing to let the guild know my point of view and my thoughts about a boss and how I think doing something different could benefit us.

    Final stretch

    Are you absolutely certain you enjoy the class and spec you're applying as? I haven't been this certain about anything in life. Shadow Priest is definitely me. 100%

    What can we expect from you You can expect a high quality Shadow priest, and a high quality raider who prioritizes the guilds need.

    What do you expect from us: I expect a dedicated and competent raiding guild, aswell as a helpful guild for those in need, a really comfortable community and extremely good players .

    Tell us anything else you think we might be interested in knowing: Here are the logs for my guild throughout Emerald Nightmare normal difficulty. I hope you can see why I want to escape them. To me it's obvious that I don't fit in. and

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    I read through your application and everything seems ok.
    38 days played seems very low for someone who's been playing that long on a priest, but. Assuming you've been playing on other characters?

    Either way, I will not be available in-game but whisper any other officer in the guild when available for an invite.
    You should also mention that you made an application and got approved.