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    Name Christian

    Age: 34

    Location Norway
    BTag: sulle#2803

    Gender: male

    Rate your English (1-10): 9

    Any other languages spoken fluently: norwegian

    Will anything in your life routinely interfere with your ability to make our 3 raids a week: no

    Anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself: you probably will get to know me in WOW

    In-game history

    Around about when did you start playing Late vanilla, started playing for real in TBC

    When did you start raiding current, progressive content: I started in a hardcore 10mans guild in TBC raiding kara - I then migrated to a better guild in Wotlk to get a better challange as we were chashing server first. I continued raiding in the other expantions that came out, but it just didnt feel the same. (played PvP instead.) Now I am back and WOW kinda feels good again.

    Give us a brief rundown of the bosses have you killed while they were current tier I would say Lich King clear as server 3rd before the nerf was kinda fun, and my legendary save at prince in kara as holy pala I soloed him from 7% to 0% - If this is a question if I can remove debuffs in correct manners aswell as jumping right or left xD , well; i know how (yes, im trying to be a smartass)

    Tell us about your past guilds, where you raided with them and why you left them (My latest guild was Santa Maria, I left the guild to PvP with some irl friends as MoP kinda dissapointed me.

    How many hours non-raiding time would you estimate you play per week: way too much :S

    About your (main) character

    Before submitting, please make sure that your armoury profile is displaying PvE gear, that your gear is fully in order and that you're showing off your character at their best. Applying with a sub-standard spec, missing, inappropriate or low-level enchants, gems, glyphs etc. will not be looked upon kindly.

    Name: Sofieroo

    Class: druid

    Character's /played: there are too many to list

    Server hamoarush

    Armoury link: (not to worry, artifact and some simple mythic gear will be upgraded in the next two days.)

    UI screenshot (preferably in a raid group and with binds apparent): atm im just using WOW UI with some simple addons like DBM as i dont need more before I eventually start raiding again.

    Addons used: DBM - auctioneer - fishing buddy - gather mate 2 - mage nuggets - omniCC - skada - healbot(but not atm) -

    Specs I mainly want to play as resto, as I have spent most of my rading time as healer.(disc/holy priest - mist - holy pala and now resto druid)
    I do find the balance specc quite fun atm aswell, but artifact pts have been going to resto.

    Race Only reason this is Troll atm is because it used to be a nelf.

    How would you rate your class knowledge As a former hc raider I will always try to be on top of that healing meter, therefor I will always keep my self updated about my class/specc and fights.

    About your alts

    I have always had alt tunes to waste spare time on, going alt runs with guildies etc. But for now, I will concentrate about my main untill I feel it is were it should be.

    Setup information

    Tell us about your computer spec i5 @3.4 - 960gt oc - 32gb ram - benq 144hz
    How is your FPS while in a raid: about 100 I recon.

    Tell us about your Internet connection 60/25 fiber

    Do you have a microphone: ofc I do.

    Do you have teamspeak 3 I do.

    Are you actually willing to speak I have been a class officer and had to talk some while raiding, aswell as beeing a leader for healers. I do not have any problemes talking but I do not talk if not needed. Unless we are having fun

    Final stretch

    Are you absolutely certain you enjoy the class and spec you're applying as? I love healing, and will always be one.

    What can we expect from you I can expect a dedicated oldschooler who doesnt fail the same fail twice.
    What do you expect from us: I expect progression and honesty among us. Im getting to old for screaming/shouting and drama.

    Tell us anything else you think we might be interested in knowing:

    Not much to tell I might be getting old, but I will still be above you youngsters! or atleast I will try :P

    In sparetime from raiding/grinding I will be doing PvP, feel free to join.

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    Is Sofieroo your main that you've been playing in Legion?
    I mean, 816 ilvl is really, really bad. You can get higher from World Quests alone.

    We're just concerned that if you don't even take the effort to do dungeons, how will that translate to maintaining a raid schedule?