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    Okay, so, I've done a bit of analysis of the logs. A few things learned:
    1. Generally, people were doing what they should've been doing with blob AoE. The ~hour of bad pulls we had was more the consequence of low AoE, rather than excessive use of cleave-type abilities. By which I mean that we didn't solve the problem by targeting better, but just by doing more AoE. Nobody was consistently doing something they shouldn't have been.
    2. Elemental shamans were the least even AoE-ers overall, but as per point 1, this isn't really an issue when AoE is sufficient.
    3. We'll never make the kill without using bloodlust in the brain room, or otherwise finding more DPS from somewhere. Whether we lust the first brain room for improved overall damage, or the second for easier killing of the ads is probably a decision we'll need to make based on whether we need more overall brain DPS, or are finding the first set of ads a problem. A point for discussion.
    4. We have a small tolerance in the second set of dominator tentacles currently, but... not much. Without bloodlust, we're going to need to either up our DPS game, or get creative - with current numbers, we're going to overlap the tail-end of the explosions with the corruptor tentacle spawns. My proposed solution to this is to push the blobs (with typhoon, for example) towards star marker once the tentacles die. Will probably need one on each side, but we then gain the time back from our "standing around" period on star, while the blobs slowly creep towards us.
    5. Switching from 3 "missed" blob kills to 1 worked well - something we should continue.
    Keen to see some discussion around this, especially relating to points 3 and 4.

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    Pointing out the obvious but if our aoe is more than enough and we struggle single target, then, make our group a bit more ST?

    Also, from the streams I saw and from the tries I was in, a lot of the time during the end people just derp and start doing mistakes.
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      I think we have a pretty balanced mix between AoE and ST for blobs. At this point it's just people making the same mistakes over and over again. There are no random or surprise mechanics with this boss and everything is carefully timed so you can't get caught off guard. After 110 tries you should know exactly what will happen and act accordingly. I don't know if people are forgetful or if they don't understand the consequence of not doing a certain mechanic (eg move out of blossoms to avoid getting hit but add explosion).