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  • Cenarius

    Fatboss guide:
    Icy veins:

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    Bump. Important we get some discussion rolling on this. We have a few interesting decisions to make:

    Do we go with the 3 tank tactic, i.e. have one tank (possibly me) sit in the corner on the drakes?
    If so, we probably automatically go with the tactic of DPSing through thorns and just healing it. Interesting thought, definitely requires 5 healers.


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      I vote for 3 tanks. Also predetermine people on cleanup crew for roots (me, cuber and? )


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        Very good walk-through guide:

        Tim Graphik @Ezzy
        Also read description of the video for a good breakdown, especially for the tanks.


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          We'll need to consider how we deal with spear. I've been trying to think what I'd do if tanking Cenarius to help Graphik - I'd suggest the following (with undeniably slightly complex execution):

          Get Gory Fur and Galactic Guardian to proc at least 10 seconds before the spear goes off - save both.
          Stack full rage without touching Bristling Fur.
          8 seconds before the spear cast, begin stacking Ironfur, remember to weave mangle with the first two to proc Guardian of Elune, or they'll expire before the spear hits. Use Bristling Fur (almost mandatory for tanking Cenarius on this fight) plus the Galactic Guardian proc to help squeeze out as many as possible. 4 is probably the reasonable minimum, 6 is theoretically possible.
          Roll another CD or two for good measure (should be able to use Rage of the Sleeper/Barkskin alternately, and Survival Instincts on the first two taken).

          Done correctly, this should result in a really tiny puddle. 4 stacks of ironfur gives me something like 88% damage reduction through armour, which, combined with other CDs should be really quite effective.

          What do Demon Hunters have in terms of burst survivability, if anything? If not so much, I think Ezz should be the prime external target - druids shouldn't really need externals.


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            We have a fair amount of externals as well to be honest and don't know if we use them before that part but it would be good to have a rotation on them. Also isn't TIM gonna get plastered during the end of the fight? Shouldn't we mind some cds for him as well?


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              Assuming all goes to plan, I'll have two drakes and two healers - I'll swap ironfur for mark of ursol when the stacks are getting too high. Shouldn't need much in the way of externals, again assuming we end the fight reasonably fast.


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                I will be rolling with Demon Spikes and Fiery Brand for the spears. They will hit every 36 second so ultimately it would be good for me to get a small external every 2/3 spears. I will also be able to jump in and out the old pool to cheese it a bit.

                Another thing, unrelated to the spears, is that I take a lot of damage during the encounter. I usually blow my cooldowns to survive the melee hits. I talked to Vul about it and there's not much to do except rolling out cooldowns which I am already doing. So I guess I will be requiring a bit more attention when it comes to healing.