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  • Blackhand mythic

    Here's a video guide for blackhand on mythic , and we will be using something very similar. To sum up the video :

    Phase 1 :

    - Slag is 3 times faster then on heroic
    - Melees in middle , hard damage on non rogue melee (xaru)
    - Range in the inner circle, run clockwise , then counter clockwise , then clockwise (in that demolition order)
    - Demolition will spawn 4 piles in 1 go.On the marker where we start , we'll wait and bait the 2nd one then roar and move. Marks go to the nearest pile with personal cds.
    - If slag reaches the demolition pile it deals 200k damage to the whole raid and destroys it.

    Phase 2 :

    - At start of phase 2 fire sparks will come down , the zone where we tank the boss has to be soaked. The space towards center and right side has low priority (if it can be soaked , we'll do it)
    - 4 different demolishers : Double plated,fiery,speedy and destruction.
    - Each gate is a different demolisher , and it spawns the furthest one. It can never spawn 2 of the same in a row
    - Goonk will tank them all on the speedy demolisher gate spawn (as seen in the video).
    - Tim will tank the boss 20 yards right of the demolishers (as seen in the video), moving out of the bombs (towards the center) for smashes.
    - 2 warlocks will leap up after transition to kill first terrace , next smash is unsoaked and after that rotate boomkins (they can solo with cooldowns).
    - After fire has been soaked we'll lust , nuking the boss out of phase 2 quicker.
    - Rogues and Xaru will bait the mortar to the far corner (save cds for lust , and then we're fucked dps wise)
    - Hunters bring sieges to Goonk then FD (have to be very close to Goonk).

    Phase 3 :

    - At the start of phase 3 debris pile will happen. After that roughly every 45 seconds (didn't see timer correctly on the video).
    - Hunters,Offroad and Chris soak debris
    - Range always stack central , with marks taken right of range pile and bombs left/behind.
    - Using addon for marks.

    In general , the fight is easier the more boomkins you have (even with all the nerfs in the world that's how it is). We're trying to have Naibaf,Torquli and Darkstrider go boomkin for this one. Boomkins can solo terraces without a healer , they need all cds up + natures vigil and they are good to go.Rest stay down and nuke the living shit out of the boss.

    I've spoken to Naibaf,Darkstrider and Torquli about this and they are all up for doing it. Will require some gear (mainly trinkets/necks/rings) but overall it should be fine.
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    I think you forgot to link the video you are talking about so here is one I have watched, it's pretty good and explains the fight very well.

    Everyone download for the marks. This extension to bigwigs will make you /say RIGHT, /say MIDDLE or /say LEFT for the marks, making it easier to know who is going where with the marks. It will also say middle and back with the bombs.


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      how is the damage taken on mythic agains hc on the terrace? since i can take around 30 stacks on hc whitout healer as feral


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        In the video it says 27 stacks if i'm not wrong , without a healer.


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          okey whit 4 nvs it should be eazy peacy since it heals insanely good


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            It's only 1 druid at the time :P


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              You keep the debuff for a while after being up, therefore you have to rotate people going up.


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                Ok so i've spoken with Dwira , and he agreed to sacrifice some of his work/practice to help us kill Blackhand. He can't make every farm , but he can make Sundays and Mondays after 9th of May (so 1 week we'll have to do without him). I'll play his boomkin for farms to get him gear (or someone who doesn't need gear).

                Priority for upcoming week :

                1) Gear Xaru's healing spec
                2) Gear Dyelema,Torq,Dwira aand Naibaf's boomkin spec (they all need different things , so it's all good)
                3) Gear the rest of the DPS
                4) Gear the healers (tho healers already have pretty sick gear for BH)

                Ideal comp should look something like this (with Xaru healing and Naibaf boomkin)


                Comp where we don't get Xaru to heal , but have Naibaf heal instead (3 boomkins , 1 extra melee)


                Both of the comp can work , because phase 2 is way easier with minimum 3 boomkins.

                Boomkins : Torq,Dwira,Dyelema.


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                  Something their warlocks did , the extreme balcony chese


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                    Phase 2 smash order:

                    Taking from the Proper bird guide (assuming you mean to link this?)


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                      I meant the link to Jace , but this one works aswell. Yeah , we'll end up doing something like that. Me and nalle can probably handle first terrace , as i can shadowstep him mid air. And then he can put warlock portal and i can shadowstep him again. We're also going to lust in that phase , so we'll probably not even get to 6th terrace.


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                        We'll also have 3 priest, mass dispels in phase 2 will be really nice. We can also have a rotation of grips for Tim when he gets smashed. Overall , we have a nice comp (would like 2 warlocks but oh well).


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                          So the smash rotation Jace specified is:

                          However as above this is for 3 boomkins not 4, so you may have something different in mind anyway, and now that i have looked at them both, i see they are identical :P


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                            Vul, you bemoaned the lack of a second lock. Presumably re the demonic leap for p2. Does the warriors herioc leap work?


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                              Wow, didnt even know u can just stun them and rape them instantly =D and having a portal up there aswell. I feel like im usefull.