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  • Mannoroth

    We're gonna be using this tactic.

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    Looking at propper bird's exorsus note, We can use it with some modifications.
    here is what I have so far.

    Doomlord: Vulegend, Rampie
    3rd Doom Lord/fear overlap: Tantibus AM + Rampie RC.

    Wrath of Guldan: Melee to {skull} & {star},
    Hunters + mages to {triangle}, other ranged
    to {circle} or {diamond}.

    1st Shadowforce: Cooldown1 + Healing Tide.
    2nd Shadowforce: Cooldown1 + Healing Ring.
    3rd Shadowforce: Rampie RC + personals + barrier.

    Order: Imps -> Fear -> Shadow Force -> Felseeker

    1st Fear: Healers stay ignore, rest soak.
    2nd Fear: Rogues/hunters with feint/deterence
    3rd Fear: Personals + Cds

    1st Shadowforce: Rampie RC + healing tide
    2nd Shadowforce: Cooldown1 + Personals
    3rd Shadowforce: Any cd left.

    Their raid comp had some advantages over us, being:
    2 warriors (1 extra RC + Bladestorm for imps)
    2 Holy paladins (1 extra AM + extra tank healing)
    2 Death Knights (obviously an extra grip helps A LOT)


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      Originally posted by Rampie View Post
      2 Holy paladins (1 extra AM + extra tank healing)
      Yeah, shame we don't have a ret paladin with holy OS.


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        Since not every class can immune every doomlord due to high cooldowns, when do we use our immunties?


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          If someone is clueless. We are using Proper Bird tactics.

          Here link below:


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            think skull marker from where placed yesterday needs togo little more behind, since melee sometimes still got hit by tank explosion there


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              I think we should save immunities to soak the 3rd doomlord. Did some reading and some are saying that they tried to immune the 3rd doomlord otherwise they ended up with awkward transitions.
              For imps we shouldnt stack at all if we have 2 dk's. No need to take all that damage, just be close to the boss.
              Spread more for the meteor rain stuffs, seen a couple of links being used on that which seems like a waste to me.
              Don't be retarded and run through infernals.
              Need some more consistant boss positioning, quite a few tries boss the boss moved which pretty much meant a wipe because the imps were spread. You tried something different with the taunting towards the end if I remember right, did that help?

              For ring usage I think we should continue with use on pull, then use 2nd time on the impwave and explode on 3rd doomlord and boss.
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       this is the video i was talking about, seems much easier to me. will require 3 tanks for handling the doomboi i think.
                - Here are logs to the kill

                Boss next to pillar.
                Be in boss hitbox for mass grip.
                Be stacked for fears. The direction you go is based on where you are according to boss, be on the same spot and you get feared the same way.
                Same deal as other tactics with most of the stuff.
                Felseeker will be baited to one of the sides of the boss, then we portal to opposite side.

                Soaking the debuffs will be done like we tried to last night with magerino soaking. I think 2 iceblocks should almost be enough, if it isnt someone go take the rest hunters are probably good for that with deter. Shouldnt be many more. Square behind boss. The 5th should go in boss center so that tanks can soak stacks as well as melee and other ranged.
                Shadowforce fear imps combo should be done with pillar, Dont think we will get further today so wont bother summing up more, you should have seen the video so it shouldnt be needed in the first place.
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                  So recap again.
                  Phase 1:
                  We have 3 spots we have to be in at different times.
                  2 outside the boss. and 1 being in boss hitbox.
                  Be in hitbox for imps if you are they should all be possible to grip to the boss, later on maybe to the DK itself but for now to boss.
                  Be outside for felseeker which leads to the next spot, be stacked for fears. We will have markers for these spots. No gateway this week so roars have to be rotated every felseeker.
                  Fears work like this: Depending on where the boss is to your location you will run straight back from the boss, meaning that we have to stack and be on the same spot or else the fears go in all different ways.
                  Felseeker is casted on range players which means we have to be outside the boss, but not in the path to the other side of the boss which is where we will deal with fears which is why I was always saying be behind X marker for baiting. If someone is infront its going to cut of the entire raid so we cant all reach the other side to stack up for fears which is pretty much a wipe.

                  Pretty much what we do is, be in hitbox for imps at pull. Move out a bit to bait felseeker. Move to other side of the boss, be stacked for fears - SOAK FEARS or we die. Wait a bit for infernals to reposition if we haven't killed them off. Then move into the boss hitbox for next wave of imps. Rince and repeat.

                  Marks of doom has to be positioned outside the raid. We can probably put up some markers for that as well, rule is dont let any dps or healer be inside it, if they are - MOVE.
                  Doombois - if you can immune it pls do. Which is only dks reliably. So pray it lands on Shak. If it doesn't instantly pop a shield on the player and then dispell. So far I think instantdispelling worked the best in p1.

                  1st on pull, hit doomboi.
                  2nd on impwave before 3rd doomboi. Hit doomboi again. It pretty much means we wont have to do anything but cleave and multidot on the add then finish it off

                  3 changes - No infernals, we get the nice fun debuff and shadowforce pushback.
                  Positioning changes are, we will now use one side of the boss to run out and bait felseeker. Imps / fears / shadowforce will happen infront of the pillar where the tanks are standing.

                  We will continue to use the "square" for debuff soaking, Calard starts soaking those, then we can do a iceblock. After that I think we have to just soak the rest in the raid or something, not 100% sure on this yet. We can see tonite. The 5th debuffed player will go inside the boss, I think Tim can soak alot of those and probably Stormy as well. Don't die to it, just make sure you soak some off, we can test the limits tonite. Other than those two everyone else who can should chip in and soak some stacks. Don't take more than 5-6 if you dont have a cooldown for it.

                  Felseeker will continue to go outside, I suggest we use the left side every time (Looking at mannoroths face left), again roar for these if we can.

                  For fears / shadowforce / imps we will be slightly spread around the tanks. Stacking for what we can stack for and spread abit for imps.

                  P2 Rings I'm not sure about yet, we'll see what the biggest concerns are when we get there.
                  P2 Dispelling also not sure yet, but I think there are points where we can to wait a while with the dispell to avoid bad imp / shadowforce / fear combo with the doomboi spells on top of it. If we can time it so that the marks of doom go out a moment after felseeker bait i think that would be the easiest as there is moment of downtime which we run back in to the pillar to spawn imps etc.

                  Hope we can get some practise in P2 today, if it goes really well even see last phase but without a warlock that will be hard.

                  I think imps will obviously be the biggest threat but with 2 warriors and 2 arcane mages and our gearlevel I think it can be possible to deal with, try to time your shit to line up with impwaves.

                  Hope this post helps, took a while to write so hope somebody reads it.
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                    Soaker prio for square = Offroad - Proxo - Trumpetti - Smacker. After 2 people have soaked those with remaining stacks should be below 10, probably close to 4 or 5. Just get back into the raid and spread these around.
                    As soon as we hit last phase lust, ring all cds, 2nd pots and go crazy on boss. Remember we still have to be close to boss for imps.
                    For fears we need 2 people in each fear. You only soak one fear, dont try to between them, only one or else the white stuff will be too large. - to achieve this i suggest we have a healing rain on the ground, then everyone spreads within it.
                    Felseeker bait it out far on the sides.
                    Those with debuffs have to be careful with where they stand, be outside on the sides. melee find one side of the boss each and be there. Still get close to boss for imps.

                    For rings we should have one more use, the 3rd should be used right after it comes off cd. It will be up again for last phase.


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                        3rd ring we wait with until last phase. When we are getting close to last phase we probably will have to stop dps on boss because in our best attempt we pushed the boss while we had a doomguard up - wait for the doomguard, deal with it and then push for last phase. If this doomguard can be immuned or avoided that is golden.

                        Once last phase is pushed, we spread loosely for imps on the left side of the boss. pop everything, destroy the boss and then we get fears. For fears we need to be spread in a cone so that the feared people dont overlap with eachother, we need 2 people to soak each feared player.

                        After fear we have shadowforce, for shadowforce we are going to start at the bosses tail and get pushed back across the middle.

                        Next is felseeker which has to be baited at max range of the boss.

                        Next is imps again, do the same stuff as we did on left side of boss but this time at the right side. Fears will also be on the right side this time. Same order of abilities this time too..

                        Last set of fears we will sacrifice and just finish the boss hopefully.

                        During all of this we have a another set of guldan debuffs. I suggest those who has it just go to the sides and try to avoid linking with other players, especially during abilities in this phase. Another option is to soak this set as well which can be done too, but require extra attention from everyone. If we can get some good last phase attempts on sunday / monday we can figure out what works the best for us.
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