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  • Archimonde

    Mages can "soak" the knockback in the twisting nether downphase. When the add reaches a player it knocks players within 15y back an insane amount. With blink you can stay on the platform. The add blows up when it reaches a player. No damage, just the AoE knockback.
    Dont know how relevant it is, atm the add can be slowed and killed off rather easily. More classes with movement things can do this.

    There was a weak aura on Imperator fight which had a dynamic arrow and range indicator towards the Tank with mark of chaos debuff.

    Can the same thing be made for that arrow thingy in this combat ?

    We seem to have a lot of the golden orbs up on many of our tries, that is not getting used. So somehow i think we need to find a way to utilize them more than we were doing since we were also taking alot of damage from the shadow aoe throughout the fight

    Mythic Abilities that are not in the Dungeon Journal:

    Seething Corruption
    Summon Source of Chaos This looks like a modification of the Green Fire Spirit from P1 as it is spawned on the Tank aswell. Kill fast.
    Finger of Death lmao
    Twisted Darkness
    Mark of the Legion Bring Mage/Hunter/Rogue/SPriest/Paladin
    Wrath of Gul'Dan +Debuff Gripping ShadowsPossibly the Tank Mechanic in the Mythic Phase.

    There is additional effects on Abilities from Heroic, you can read up on them in the DJ.

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