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    Weak Aura: "Move out for Reap!" 4-3-2-1 Say Chatbubble when Reap is being casted (4s cast) and you have Mark of the Necromancer.

    Killorder: Gurtok Bloodboil ->Dia Darkwisper->Jubei'thos
    Maybe you should push Dia and Jubei'thos together to 30%. The only thing Jubei'thos is doing more in 30% phase is that he splits into more Mirror Images (which dont get affected by the DMG absorb Aura from Dia) and the Random damage on Players. Pushing them together while priotizing Dia in the Killorder) will get you Jubei to about 20% when DIa is dead and makes the fight over pretty quickly.
    Swap at 3 or 4 Stacks Bloodboil. Swapping at 3 Stacks is 2.4% less damage taken total so doing it at 4 for conveniece is fine.
    2:30 Jubei'thos splits up - dont push Gurtogg here to 30% yet, but clean up aoe first and then push Gurtogg and kill him. Probably dont need Bloodlust for it but instead save it.
    Push other Bosses to 35%.
    Push Blademaster Jubei'thos to 30% and kill him, kill Dia last. Or the other way around, not 100% sure yet.

    Reap Weak Aura in Action:

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    Gonna go like this, tho not sure yet that we go with 4 or 5 heal.
    I hope everyone check this out before raid


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      Hellfire High Council Mythic - Tactics (Guide)


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        Nothing new for us. (skipped most of the video ). But i like the idea of one group (not necessarily healers but rDps with blink/disengage) that just soaks three stacks of bloodboil and then blinks through the rangecamp until their stacks are dropped. this will make things much easier imho. For the rest we should be more than fine if we continue our old strat with 2-3 boomkins and that interrupt magic that tim has hopefully figured out until sunday.


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          - Nothing major but i think we should utilize the warlock gateway for people running away with the fixate *instead of the random kitting happening,

          - Marks/Reaps Yesterday felt much harder/chaotic than the last attempts we had, or that might have just been me.


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            Tbh not interrupting at all is by far not the easiest way to do it in my oppinion. I's still suggest using the following pattern


            leads to latter Mark/reap scheme, meaning after every mark casts an instant reap followup occures.

   &pins=0%24Separate%24%23244F4B%24casts%241%240.0.0 .Any%2492144.0.0.Boss%24true%240.0.0.Any%24false%2 4184449^0%24Separate%24%23909049%24casts%241%240.0 .0.Any%2492144.0.0.Boss%24true%240.0.0.Any%24false %24184476^0%24Separate%24%23a04D8A%24casts%241%240 .0.0.Any%2492144.0.0.Boss%24true%240.0.0.Any%24fal se%24184675&graph=false

            This is, when executed well, totally easy because the debuff only really ticks at the beginning of the fight and gets instantly removes (mostly) afterwards. I have no time atm to actually write down the pattern, but start is:

            1. voidcast ->7. cast (or 5th after the pause between 15 and 30 secs into the fight)

            It's a bit fiddleish but still worth imo


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              Khobz, yea it was harder because we dropped one healer off.

              Chivari, maybe but because now we will burst Gurtogg down, we dont have bloodboil stacks later of the fight like last progress day. And I think those interrupts are done only because of moving Dia


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                Blood boils were absolutely terrible yesterday though.


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                  That makes perfect sense, somebody came up with the idea interrupting changes castpattern