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    Infernal Tempest and how to minimize Damage.
    There will be a total of 4 Circles spawned under each Player with an Interval of 1.5 Seconds between each spawn.
    Each Circle has an Explosion Timer of 3 Seconds.
    As you can easily see, it is possible and ideal to overlap 2 Circles each. If you do this correctly you only have to move twice. Once to move to a new Position after you spawned the 2nd Circle (you have 1.5s to move here) and once to move back to original Position after you spawned the 4th Circle (again you have 1.5 seconds to move).
    So to summarize this is how it would look like this:

    0.0s - Spawn Circle 1 Wait
    1.5s - Spawn Circle 2 Move
    3.0s - Spawn Circle 3 Wait (Circle 1 Explodes)
    4.5s - Spawn Circle 4 Move back (Circle 2 Explodes)

    In graphical form:

    I will create a WeakAura that will have a big MOVE show up when it is time to move.

    If you normally die to Reverberations and Overhead Smash you should move on every single Circle spawn and not do this. Then again, if you are this kind of player you should normally no longer be in this guild.


    I created the Weak Aura. It will look like this:
    Doable even with flat tires on your wheelchair.

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    I really dont know if this will be an issue but healers might check out this small addon.


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      First kill video up:


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        Commence the research bois. Personally, I'm starting here:


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          That link "h" <3


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              P2 we should place markers a bit closer to reduce ticks when moving over there with debuff.
              - This means a single link/barrier/healing rain etc can cover all of us on both marks too.

              When we reach last phase we should stack between the two stackpoints. We should use less space when moving out of shit on the ground, damage is already very very high from the initial tick + moving, so moving further means more damage and probably rips.

              Gate in p2 can be placed between the two markers towards middle of entrence to make it easier for both stackpoints to reach. I think we should start sacrificing people on the last edict of phase 2 and onward. If a hunter gets it, take 1 tick then gateway out and deterrence to survive the last 2 ticks.

              Lock portal must be replaced when we reach the wall on the left side of the room. At around the same time as gavel + add spawn with knockback we get the 2nd sacrifice edict. Instantly take portal and either die or use a cd to survive all 3 ticks.
              - Also on these knockbacks, please be in the corner (as shown on the picture.)
              - Next gavel knockbacks should happen around the middle of the entrance, pls be faced towards the gate, ty.

              Towards the end it might be smart to use the Shieldtronic Shield as a cd. I put 500 of them in the guildbank so if you cant make them yourself there is some in the guildbank.

              Next edict should happen at the corner of the entrance, need gateway for this too. Sacrifice yourself dont let a single tick hit, boss should be low and just about dead. finish it and gg, ring reserved btw
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                Just like last week i did some in depth log analysis.
                First of all let me thank you for following my advice. You looted some great items and failed less in P1 and P2. Keep up the good work!
                What we have to change for tonight is that we actually start moving when Vulcunt counted down to zero. Also move with him ( BLUE MARK MOTHERFUCKER!).

                Your tactical Commander


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                  Thank you for your deep analysis, /agree to all