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    Khadgar in the Phase can be healed (of any use?)
    - You can grip over the Edge in the phase as shown in my PoV
    - Mobs hit for realy low melee damage, voidzones and aoe cone kill you: dont stand in it (Fel Flames mostly)
    - I checked logs, double DPS first, DPS+Healer second seems to be the best
    - First two who go down should proably be BM Hunters: Pets Tank Adds = Easy Voidzone Dodging, easy 20 Stacks, pool Focus Fire downstairs, pop BW at the start of the Phase. When back out, pop Ring, Bloodlust just before coming up and unleash on Boss with Stampede, BW, 5 FF, pot, Racial, 2m On Use , you get into the phase at around 1:10 and get out at around 2:10 so perfect for 1m / 2m cooldowns
    - we should drag the big add out just before it dies to a set location (to the side probably) and have the people who go in the phase soak the 20 corruption but not stand to close for the melee explosion of Fel Rupture. Have to test how big the range on the 100k AOE is.
    - chruemmel stop sleep plz
    - jordy dont die to first void zone
    - there is some exploits with the blood globule, mainly hiding behind rocks, blinking, taking portal while the spear is mid air makes the spear despawn and no blood globule spawn, will probably all get fixed. Our Tactic was perfect with having it run toward the Entrance. Just stand max range, no need to go farther.
    - Healing Team is a complete Disaster, Make a Healing Channel and sort out your Stuff ffs

    Actually you probably pop Ring on Pull anyway so 2m CD should line up with the first two guys who go in.

    Weak Auras Todo for this:
    Heart Seeker
    Need some form of Display for the Energy of Players, probably BigWigs Feature can be used, just like Sha of Pride.

    you can heal khadgar. I don't think it's needed. I think If so many adds come to room khadgar just sends you out. If it's like that we should check can we cc adds outside mass root, vortex etc.

    2 Druids, 1 assinged to each side. Apply Faerie Swarm for a direct, 100% reliable single target slow to the Salivating Bloodthirsters (Small Adds).

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    Propaply gonna need 3-5 waves of 3man grps to go in to maximize dps


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      Kilrogg Deadeye Mythic - Tactics (Guide)