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  • Gorefiend

    for healers : riptide and surging mist( while channeling soothing mist) did not work on the adds that one has to heal . i needed to spam healing surge quite heavily as shaman . but could top them with soothing mist and enveloping mist quite easily .

    it seems to me that there is no problem at all to stand in each other while placing the void zone. Can easily heal that.
    Good dps clases for this seems to be those that can AOE splitted adds, so generally hunters, boomers etc

    How to handle Shadow of Death:

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    Here's out take on it


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      I think we should move the spots where people leave their soul or whatever it is to the middle in front of the boss. Healers on one spot, dps on the other
      Something like this I suggest:

      Apparently the hitbox has changed, which is probably why chimera shot cleaves so much. So moving the orange and green back to my two red circles could maybe prevent that.
      I think having Podrick & Rampie on breaking people out duty is the best way to go. DK diseases is so strong here so it would be stupid not to use that. Then when the timer is at 5 sec or less Rampie swoops in and executes the soul. Then ofcourse they can call out and get assistance if they need assistance. Seems like tanks need to be freed rather early for example.

      We should set up a healing rotation for the feast.
      We should consider using a 5th healer. More heals = less healer adds coming out which = more dps on tank add & fixate adds and even boss if everything is clear. We are going to have 3 feasts either way.
      I suggest using the timer on his cast to coordinate what is used when.
      For example
      60 - NV from druids
      50 - HTT & Podrick barrier
      45 - Link + Graphik tree

      We also need to make a rotation of people soaking in the feast.*****

      Some general things to improve on:

      - Better spreading, sometimes most of the raid got oneshot due to being stacked in the middle.
      - Quicker stacking up with the root.
      - If there is an add up, focus on it. If we don't we will quickly be overrun by adds. We should try to focus healer adds first, the fixate adds then the big tank add. Tanks can swap back and forth so it shouldn't be an immediate threat. The healer adds slow people on top of dealing tons of damage to the whole raid. Slow = not able to run from fixate add = rip. So quickly kill the healer adds.
      - Use slows & stuns on adds inside and outside. We have 3 hunters which is 3 slow traps, that helps because people have to kite less and we will have less people running into eachother for the AoE splash dmg from Surging Shadows. Magerinos are already specced into slow with the glyph. If you have something similar, use it.
      - Avoid hitting the souls from other players, dont spec into mindless aoe like barrage or similar shit. This fight is about controlled damage on the right targets, not mindless aoe. Not saying that hunters are using barrage, thats just an example.
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        More stuff to improve:
        - Make a list with some extra people to send in to clear / heal adds. We are getting very many adds outside, sending more in would help with that. It's just messy to kill full health adds while kiting the around outside...
        - Don't run into the fixate.... Saw that happen several times. Please be aware of your surroundings.
        - Don't jump around like an idiot when nothing is happening. If you do you will end up running into people and do splash damage on each other. I died 3 times that I remember from suddenly being surrounded by someone that didnt have fixate, then splash damage instantly killed me. Other times I saw piles of 5+spirits. Please remain spread as much as possible.
        - Less damage on targets you shouldnt damage. My trinket sometimes procs while missiles are in the air towards the target, cant really control damage from that other than stopping attacking the target that the trinket procced on. If you have something similar, pls be aware of it if it starts cleaving spirits.
        - Less "shittalk", save that for breaks or after the raid pls.
        - Listen to TS.
        - Better coordination on soaking during feast.

        Looked at atleast 40 logs, maybe more from the top execution rankings picked randomly from rank 1 - 100. I'm not sure why you are so against going with 5 healers. Most people do.
        - 3 of the logs I saw 4 healed, rest 5.
        - Healing is just going to be harder and harder throughout the fight and with a 5th healer we can send in more to heal up the adds inside and make it easier to heal feasts, not sure how your mana has been after the 1st feast but I imagine it is pretty low. Keep in mind that we have only seen the 1st feast. There will be 2 more...

        not sure if anyone reads this, but this is what I'm thinking at least.


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          About healer stuff. Hmm im not sure about other healers mana but mine is like 40% after first feast and without using pot usually.
          - And about going 5 heals, atm we don't lack heals inside or outside so would keep it like this 4 heals. But if we get problems later part progression with heals then we should go 5 heals ofc. Depends ofc hows other healers mana too.


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            Originally posted by Offroad View Post
            - Less damage on targets you shouldnt damage. My trinket sometimes procs while missiles are in the air towards the target, cant really control damage from that other than stopping attacking the
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