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  • Xhul'horac

    Fel Surge went on 5 Random Non Tank Players.
    Void Surge went on 1 Random Range Player.

    Fel Imps spawn every 20 secs in Packs of 3.
    Voidfiends spawn every 30 secs in Packs of 2.

    3 Deathknights means 1 AoE Grip for every Imp Pack with additional Single Grips available if needed.

    Fel Imps kept spawning in P2, but really should not. Maybe this is the Mythic Mechanic but in Heroic it should only be one kind of add according to the Dungeon Journal.

    In Phase 1 we have the Boss towards the side of Green with Range kinda close to the boss on the side of the Room like this.

    Fel Imps spawn on Random Players so having them kinda close to the Boss for Grips is prefered. The 5 People with Fel Surge move out to the Side and place the Fire as far out as possible. We have a very important WA for this.
    Death Knights seem really really strong for this fight as all the Grips make handling the Adds a fucking party.
    Tanking is pretty stupid - 1 guy takes boss the other guy takes Add. GG blizz.
    If you are ontop of the Boss and really close to the inside of the Bosses Hitbox you should only get knocked just to the end of his melee range and if you immediately run back to him the boss should not move. This trick worked on Imperator Margok and keeps things stable in Melee Positionwise.

    In Phase Two there should be only a really low amount of Creeping Voids as you can either grip the 2xUnstable Voidfiend per wave into melee and dodge the Explosion from Volatile Voidstep there and cleave them down really fast OR you keep them close to a mobile DPS (i.e. Hunter) who just sidesteps back and forth and keeps it kind of close to melee for more damage on them. Ideally nobody should ever get hit by the small Explosions from Voidstep so the only Creeping Voids that get created are the ones the spawn from the single Range Member who gets Void Surge.

    I would prefer just gripping the Unstable Voidfiends into melee and melee just have to dodge the swirly on the ground. It is even possible to have both of them porting on one side of the boss on one single player (MvP Melee) while all other melees are one the other side AFK.
    So to sum up P2 here is my picasso:

    Voidfiends get single gripped and then Massgripped on the MvP. The MvP can then start juggling the 2 Voidfiends back and forth as their casttimes are now syncronized. To make his life easier we can use long duration AoE stuns (aka cap totem or Monk Stun). If we pull this off correctly there should be no reason ever to move the melee camp.
    We focus the Voidfiends down obviously.

    Range can just afk outside and we will have to have Ranges with immunities do 2 different jobs:
    1. Soak the Black hole
    2. Trigger a Shadowfel Annihilation on the other side of the Room.
    You can aswell soak the Black Hole with 4-5 People as the Damage is shared. The Black Hole has a 2-3 Second spawning annimation, enough for several people who are close to get inside of it and soak it.
    The Shadowfel Annihilation might not even require an immunity, need some imput from people who tried to trigger one themselves on this.

    You can do the Shadowfel Annihilation easy without cooldowns or Immunities, looks like a rogue job since you oor most of the time anyways

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    Do it like this, regardless of the scoreboard!

    Your tactical Commander <3