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  • Kormrok

    It is possible and feasible to only use two phases until he enrages. Orange really does not seem that bad, we just need people to chain soak more using personals and maybe externals like sacrifice and vigilance. Do not wait with soaking them either, pop everything as soon as possible to keep the runes from replicating.
    Really easy to cycle between Green and Orange until Enrage.
    When the Boss enraged and took a Perma Orange Phase for Midwinter the Room filled up with Orange shit, People had debuff Fiery Residue 50k fire damage every second.

    Weak Aura:
    - Mark of Chaos

    for me on the 2 red marked spots you could ez dodge the waves, while playing the purple wave phase.

    Triggering Empowered Runes: If you trigger one of these Runes it will respawn in the direction you were facing when you triggered it (90% sure about the facing thing). If this is confirmed true, you can backpeddal into one to save yourself alot of movement by not going all the way around it. The goal is to push all the runes into each other (i.e. into the middle of the room) so they stop respawning.

    It could be possible to have sweet spots where you can soak multiple patches of residue from the Mythic Mechanic Splash. If you find a spot you can save it with an Exorsus slash command or a certain macro and always get back to that position similar to the kromog hands thing.

    Spreading a bit yolo for the 4y Spread on the Hands should be enough. Obviously Melees closer to boss.

    Residue despawns after the respective Phase.

    Does someone know a monk tank who tried if you can still transcendence the Mark of Chaos? If it still works we have to bring one Monk to this Fight on Mythic...
    Monks cannot transcendence out of Mark of Chaos on this Fight anymore when they are already rooted. It should still be possible to Leap, transcendence, blink right before he casts it on you tho. The cast is instant so boss timers are needed. Could just do it the normal way and not risk it as the hitbox is really big.

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    Midwinter did atleast green, orange, purple order.

    Boss melted really fast tho this raid was split grouped by alts/friends who all wasnt even 700ilvl geared!


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      This is what we gonna do on sunday. I hope everyone will watch this before sunday raid.