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    Spawning Fire:
    Initial Fire Patches are spawned by two Abilities in Ground Phase as far as i can see: Barrage and Artillery. Unstable Orb does NOT spawn Fire!
    In Air Phase he does 3 Times Fuel Streak and ignites the Oil on the Floor with 3 Times Immolation spawning the Fire Patches. The 3x3 Artillery on Raid Member spawn Fires aswell, just like the Tank Artillery in Ground Phase. Do not spawn these Artillery Fires in the Area that we use for Ground Phase again. Exception is if you spawn it directly towards wall because of the Falling Slam Pushback which i will cover later. If you dont kill Bombs they will explode for Raidwide Damage and spawn Fires aswell.

    Moving Fire:
    Does not move Fire, it just lays more fire over pre-existing Fires so standing in Gaps of Fire to bait Barrage is a good idea.

    Behaves the same as Barrage. No movement of Fire.

    Unstable Orb
    Pushes back Fire in a circular Pattern. So it is possible to move shitty Fire away from good Positions OR you can fuck up somebody real hard and push Fire into his Face if you are a retard.

    Pushes back all fire in Range (max about 50 yards from the Boss) in a circular Fashion away from the Boss.

    Pushes back all Fire caught in the Path to the Sides.

    Falling Slam (End of Air Phase Big Ass Circle)
    This Ability Targets a Random Player and does insane Damage to anyone in the Circle upon Impact and Pushes away nearby Fire (seems to be about all Fire in the Circle) away from the Boss by a pretty big Distance (again probably the Radius of the Circle).

    Spell Order
    Unstable Orb (on 2 Players each Cast with a Gap of about 1-2 seconds inbetween.)
    Unstable Orb
    Unstable Orb
    Barrage 1
    Unstable Orb
    Artillery (Tank Debuff)
    Unstable Orb
    Unstable Orb
    Artillery (Tank Debuff)
    Pounding 1
    Barrage 2
    Unstable Orb
    Unstable Orb
    Barrage 3
    Unstable Orb

    Basically you see that the 3 Back to Back Unstable Orb Casts get spiced up by Barrage or Artillery Casts inbetween them so you have to beware and keep track of your Range Radar (maybe the Number of Casts of Unstable Orb the Boss has done)
    Tactic Ideas
    Our General Strategy for P1 was really good in my Opinion, we could slightly improve it by not moving the Boss in the Start and instead of Starting on the Left Wall we start on the Back Wall just like this:

    Position 1 was what we did on the first Heroic Test.
    Position 2 is what i am Proposing, Strategy is basically the same just in a bit different Position.
    Pros of this Change:

    1. Boss stands still on Pull, Range can start dpsing immediately.

    Phase 2 Strategy was good aswell, we naturally played a strategy like this:

    Although we started on Position 3 on our Tries.
    The natural flow might be intended to play Ground Phase on one Side, place 3 Immolations next to each other (they probably spawn just like the Fire Rings on Thogar) and then play Ground Phase on the other Side because you naturally moved over there in Phase 2. So after the third Immolation in Air Phase we would bait the Big Circle from the Falling Slam on Position 4 and all Range dodge towards the Wall / Entrance to be in Position for Ground Phase Spread / Barrage Baiting. We can use a Warlock Gateway From Position 4 to the Wall here aswell for the Wheelchair People.

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    Tanks need to be switching and moving almost all the time with Artillery in ground phase.

    Also on air phase those 3x random raid members who gets artillery have to move ASAP out was it 25 yards or something from other raid members! Not really time to wait!

    After air phase ends and boss lands again there will still be few bombs alive which still need to kill. Ignoring them can easily wipe whole raid!
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      After watching streams I'd say keep the boss stationary, tanks swap when about 6 seconds until artillery, drop it behind the boss (hug the wall) you can pretty much stack all the Artillery so just drop them in the same place every time. It can also be ignored with immunities like bubble. On some occations both tanks have artillery at the same time, when that happens be quick going back to the boss after you have dropped artillery so that the other tank can go and drop his, use roars and other speed increases if necessary. Also, pre-shield tanks for this. It hits very very hard.
      Range spread in a cone around boss.
      For the pounding he does use tranq, tides etc. set up a rotation for that.It hits very hard.

      P2 you can clearly see where fire will land, first he drops some gasoline stuff on the ground, then ignites it later. move.
      Adds spawn, kill these. If any bomb adds are still up when P1 starts again, finish them off. They explode in a huge radius and rek your face.
      As torq said 3 random range (I assume this scale up and down with number of players, so maybe less) gets artillery in p2, run to the edges of the room, hug the wall and be spread apart from eachother.
      Aim to kill it before 3rd p2. geegee.

      Midwinter wiped 3-4 times on this on hc. So dont think its ez faceroll just because its the first real boss.