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  • Applicant requirements

    This document details general information that applicants and trials may wish to know about the guild and formalises some of our existing procedure.

    Requirements for joining

    Age: no strict limit. Most of the guild are mid-20s however, and the atmosphere tends to match. If you're under 21 or especially under 18, it's up to you to demonstrate that your maturity is up to the standard we demand. You must be completely in control of your own time; if your mother sets your bed time, you're not for us.

    Language: English. Though our membership is vastly multinational and we don't care in the slightest where you come from, we do very much care if you can speak, write, read and understand English fluently.

    Raiding schedule: Read this.

    Ability: It should go without saying that you should be skilled in all aspects of the class(es) and spec(s) you play. You're expected to perform well in the class, spec and role you join a raid with.

    Preparation: You should be fully gemmed, enchanted, specced, glyphed and so on to perform at the very best of your character's ability. You are expected to find out what this is of your own steam through simming software, comparison tools, number crunched statistics etc.

    Equipment: You are expected to have a solid enough computer and Internet connection to raid with without any sort of long-term lag, crash or disconnection issues. You are also required to have a microphone and a willingness to speak during raids when necessary.

    Thick skin: If you fail to something stupid, or routinely fail at the same thing, expect to be called out and/or benched. We will call you out when you fail (to ensure you know what you did wrong and how to not do it again) as a part of wipe recovery. You need to be the sort of person who can take this, fess up to a mistake and do better next time without crying, raging or trying to pass the buck. Also expect a general low-medium level of friendly mockery that is part and parcel of being in MG. If any guild member is routinely failing (including officers and myself), they can expect to be benched.

    The ability to read: to prove that you can indeed read and bothered to check out the guild documents, as an applicant, please insert the emoticon at the end of your application by typing

    : idea :

    without the spaces.
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