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  • General guild information

    This document details general information that applicants and trials may wish to know about the guild and formalises some of our existing procedure.


    You can have as many alts as you'd like in the guild, although you'll only have guild bank/repair access on your main character.

    Regarding alts and raiding, sometimes we'll run an alt raid although they're relatively infrequent. In terms of our main raids, occasionally if it'll make the raid run more smoothly, we'll request someone bring an alt along. It should be noted that this is by officer request only; don't bug the officers to bring an alt to gear up, if such an opportunity arises, we'll ask you.


    We may allow the odd friend, partner, sibling, child (depending on age), etc into the guild as a social member, but it's strictly at the discretion of the officers. Essentially, if they'll generally represent the guild well, act in a way which is useful and helpful it'll usually be okay. If they're giving the guild a bad name in any way, annoying people in guild chat or generally making a nuissance of themselves, they'll likely not be invited, and certainly won't last long if they are. The member who requested they receive a social spot is ultimately accountable for their conduct.

    It is important to note that the social rank is NOT a backdoor into the raiding team. If a social wants to raid, they have to submit an application and go through due diligence just like any other applicant.


    We're not too strict on general internal conduct, and have no rules for guild chat/teamspeak, with the exception of "don't be annoying" and "speak English". Externally, again, we're fine with most things, just remember that at all times that you represent the guild, and conduct which brings the guild into significant disrepute (stuff like ninjaing), or anything that gets your account banned (especially before a raid) is heavily frowned upon and will likely be dealt with internally.


    We are an English-language guild; please keep all public channels (especially /g and TeamSpeak) to English, especially when someone online wouldn't otherwise be able to understand you. This is purely for inclusivity purposes; conversations some people can't understand or contribute to are unpleasant. Obviously feel free to communicate in other channels in whatever language you like.


    You should bring consumables to every raid with the assumption that nothing will be provided for you. This includes food (125 stat), flasks and runes. We do not use feasts for progression raids, simply because it comes at a 25 stat deficit.


    We operate a loot council system, taking account of a variety of factors including attendance, performance, size of upgrade, loot received recently, etc and ultimately aim to do what's best for the guild, but fair to each individual. To facilitate this, we use the EPGP lootmaster addon to allow people to roll (note, we do not use the EPGP system in any way; the addon is simply a useful means to an end for loot distribution), so ensure you have it installed and active before raids.

    Trials should not expect to receive loot for the duration of their trial. While you may be given loot, it's at the discretion of the officers. Ultimately, we want to ensure that loot given to guild members remains in the guild.