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Trial procedure

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  • Trial procedure

    A trial for a permanent raid spot in the guild lasts for an arbitrary period of time based on the officer's observation of performance in raids. Those who do well will find themselves promoted to member very quickly (usually within 2 raid lockouts), those who don't do so well will find their trial may last well over a month. Keep in mind that just because you haven't been promoted doesn't mean you're going to fail (if you are, someone will warn you that you need to get your act together), it simply means that the officers are still trying to assess you.

    Numerous factors are taken into account when considering a trial including attendance, punctuality, self-sufficiency (bringing the consumables you require etc), numerical raid performance, fire-avoidance, reaction to criticism, temperament, and the list goes on. Do your best, if you need to improve in a specific area, someone will tell you.