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Raid unavailability procedure

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  • Raid unavailability procedure

    If you cannot make a raid, or you may, for any reason potentially be unable to attend, it is up to you to create a thread on the forums to explain as early as possible stating which raids you'll miss. Failure to do so will result in the removal of certain guild privileges (guild repairs, bank access, may significantly harm your chances of passing trial etc). Inaction is not good enough; if you're part of the raiding core, unless you post we're expecting you to turn up to every single raid.

    If you're having any sort of a problem that prevents you getting to the forums (Internet connection down, power cut, locked out of the house, legs eaten by bears etc), text or phone an officer as early as possible to let us know. If you are accepted for trial you will be granted access to a repository of member's phone numbers where you will be required to provide your own number. Additionally, save a few officers and senior member's contact details to your phone immediately in case any of these circumstances should arise.

    Excluding exceptional circumstances, you are expected to attend AT LEAST 85% of raids over a reasonable time-scale. Attendance is both taken and monitored.
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